Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Teacher Thank You Cards

My son had the great fortune of having the absolute best teachers at his preschool this year. I wanted to do something special to honor each of them and to express our gratitude for all they've done for Jackson and all they've put up with this past school year.

I decided to make them each a handmade card to go along with some small gifts we got for them.

I just love the colors on Mrs. Mullins' card. And I absolutely love the spiral punch from Stampin' Up, and the Thank You embossing folder that I used to add texture to the card.

Mrs. Smith, Jackson's other teacher, is participating in a walk for breast cancer. We wanted to make a donation in her name, so I thought a gift card holder would be the perfect presentation. I can't take credit for this design; I adapted a technique that I learned at one of Melissa Young's (aka my Stampin' Up pimp) workshops. I used My Digital Studio, Stampin' Up's software for creating digital scrapbook layouts, cards and other designs, to create a customized gift card for Mrs. Smith. (Stay tuned: I'll be debuting scrapbook pages from our recent trip to Disney, created with My Digital Studio.)

I hope you like these cards. I sure had fun making them. And thanks again to Mrs. Mullins and Mrs. Smith for making Jackson's school year so special and so memorable. You set the bar very high!

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  1. Hey girl! It's your pimp!

    I love your new tricks! This is an awesome card! I love reading your words - they are lyrical. I will teach you my craft - perhaps your craft will rub off on me? I need it!